Getting Here

Location and Directions

Following are the arriving, entering, waiting agreements I have worked out with patients. Feel free to email with any notes or suggestions to help make your experience comfortable for you.

Address: 2420 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039

Visits only by appointment, please no surprise visits.

The neighborhood is Silver Lake, just east of the Silver Lake reservoir and west of the LA River. The nearest cross street is Glendale Blvd. Across Glendale Blvd is the SilverLake L.A. Public Library. The street behind the house is called Teviot Street.

The office is connected to the only house directly behind the Bank of America. The office is connected to my home, on the back corner of the lot, separated from the home by fences, and with its own separate entrance gate.



There are un-metered parking spots on Silverlake Blvd right by the gate, and more towards Fletcher Drive. The metered spots accept coins and take cards.


Patients enter the unlocked brown gate by the STOP sign at Silverlake/Teviot corner. It is the only gate with “OFFICE” sign on it.

The bells on the gate will announce your arrival. If the glass door of the office is open, walk up the stairs to the building, and come in.


If the glass door is closed, please wait in the Waiting Garden, up the little stairs on the left, on the bench in the shade. During any rainy/extreme weather, I suggest waiting in your car until the very last minute.


Working with one entrance/exit door and an open waiting space requires grace, flexibility, and consistency of all of us — Patients and Therapist alike. Please be considerate of the patient scheduled after your session by remembering that our psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes. Sessions that start at 3:30, for example, end at 4:20 pm. Being considerate of this time frame is helpful to the Therapist and to the other Patients.


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