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I believe the psychotherapy process is a sacred Art form, not an exact Science, and your wellness is my highest priority.  Psychotherapy is not about finding perfection, but in pursuing wholeness and respecting our Self. It’s simple. It’s complicated. It can be very difficult, and there’s also lots of laughter and surprises to be enjoyed.

In our work together, we greet pain and suffering and ask “How will you serve our development?” I put all my energy into walking alongside my patients, witnessing their process as they develop insight, understanding and respect for their own experience. I work with people who have survived trauma and abuse, recovered from addictions, suffered depression and panic attacks, existential crises, loneliness, and creative blockage. The more deeply I work with each of my patients, the more I am impressed by their strength and creativity.

My training and education as a Depth Psychologist and licensed clinical social worker help me approach every patient with curiosity, respect and reverence. I work with individuals, couples and groups. Soy bilingüe en españoI. I am comfortable working with children 11 years or older, unmarried or married couples both gay and straight, roommates, and I am eager to work with groups of collaborating artists such as recording or performing groups.

In 2015 I completed my PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Psychotherapy (Depth Psychotherapy) at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and completed  research with examined the practice of psychotherapy in a variety of home office settings. As an adjunct professor of Social Work at the University of Southern California, as well as Pacific Oaks  I have helped prepare graduate students for careers in social work and psychological counseling with families, groups, adults, and children. I gather strength and inspiration from: the works of Carl Jung and Jungians, Buddhism and mindfulness, classical and modern psychoanalysis, liberation psychology, existentialism and humanism, the agony and ecstasy of rock ‘n’ roll, surfing, surviving and enjoying family, and laughing hard about the strangeness of life.

Reach out with an email, give me a call and let’s get to work on You.

Mario Prietto PhD LCSW
2420 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039


(323) 799-1177

Phd Depth Psychology

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #24161

verified by Psychology Today

verified by Psychology Today

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